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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> no, no. >> i don't know. >> boots are exclusively for fall. i'll brief you this on later. >> i'm out of touch obviously. the lets talk about this forecast. today is that transition day, we are coming off a high yesterday of 89 degrees. code front moving through as we speak. should come through dry with some clouds but temperatures will not change much today. you will notice difference tonight when we start to bring in that chilly air. sixty-six at the airport. we will drop 4 degrees compared to the past hour. northeast wind kicking up indicate ago this front is moving through, so, along the cooler side of the front we are in the lower 60's in will allentown. fifty-six in mount pocono. but still ahead of the front hanging around 07 in wilmington delaware upper 60's in south jersey and at the shore. lower 60's in quakertown feeling nice, doylestown, mount holly, new jersey as well. is there a front to pick out the band of cloud, just draped through pennsylvania, through new jersey, a couple of sprinkles over new york city, long island, that is bit. not a lot of moisture with the front but it does bring in cooler air. northeast wind overtaking the region yesterday, our wind out of the southwest bringing in
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the warmth, different story to day so that cooler canadian air will filter in, we're on your way up to 74 degrees for philadelphia, that is right near average. seventy at the shore today partial sunshine and mid 60's. that is it up in the poconos. check it out tonight, by the time you wake up tomorrow morning widespread potential for some 40's in the northwestern suburbs, especially berks county and lehigh valley around the city. we will hang out in the 50's and this cool trend will remain in the forecast, we will talk about when we could see our next chance for some needed rain, i'll let you know if is there any signs of heat returning in the seven day in a few minutes, rahel, back to you. >> see you soon, thank you. happening today, everyone will experience downtown philadelphia, in a new way with open streets, starting at 8:00 a.m. folks will get around center city without war big traffic, can you imagine that? crews have been working all night clearing streets, and ticketing and towing cars, and unfortunately for these car owners they will be waking up very upset this morning when they find out that their cars were towed overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live on
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south street. there is one of the open roadways. alex, you and me we were both out for pope francis visit for the city. it kind of feels like that. >> reporter: that is the goal to create a wide opened, open at whose fear reminiscent of the pope's visit where people have free reign over the streets. but this comes at a price for some drivers this morning. in order to accommodate this tow crews have been working for removing route that include primarily south street from front to schuylkill avenue. thinks all part of the cities first ever philly free streets. about a 8-mile route will be closed off to vehicular traffic from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 e surprised if you start seeing road closures earlier then that for preparations. it might feel like the pope's visit but mayor jim kenney tells "eyewitness news" that opened streets was a concept that he also experienced in new york city, when fifth avenue knew was shut down to cars to make way for will physical activities, with walks, runs, rides, all ready for today philly is embracing
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the same idea. >> it is great. i think it helps local businesses, i think it should be fun and it should be a good time and as long as everybody kind of knows is what going on beforehand i think it should be real cool for the city. >> reporter: all right. we notice sod people actually taping up the trash cans from earlier today. we asked about that. that is a security measure put in place after the explosion in new york last week since there will be so many pedestrians out here, security will be in place. the as for the parking restrictions, that will be a place, until 4:00 p.m. today. reporting live, i'mal sand contract hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you,al aches. philly free streets area includes south street which will be closed between front street and schuylkill river trail, and mlk drive will be closed to the falls bridge and all roads, to fairmount park near the police touch museum will be also closed. in other news this morning developing right now, in washington state the police are looking for a shooter who opened fire inside a crowded shopping mall killing at least
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four women. police say this was the shooter. he was arm with the rifle and authorities believe he acted alone. the shooting happened last night at the cascade hall in burlington. a hour north of seattle. four people were shot inside of the macy's store. mall was quickly put on lock down but this morning, some family members are still anxiously await to go hear from their loved ones. >> i told her to just lock the door and i will there been as soon as i can. on my way here, there were cops every where. i kept having to pull over for the police. i'm not hearing anything. i don't know if they got to her yet. >> police say one man is in the hospital with life threatening injuries, officers have been escorting paramedics into the mall to treat injured people but this morning still unclear just how many people are hurt. protesters continue to march through the streets of the charlotte north carolina past midnight curfew and response to tuesday's police shooting death of keith lemont scott. protesters are demanding police release their videos of
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the shooting and as kenneth craig reports, hours earlier scott's family released a video his wife recorded of the incident. >> reporter: peaceful protesters marched, hours after new you video of keith lemont's scott final moments became public. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot him. he has no weapon. he has no weapon. >> reporter: rakia scott pleaded with police not to shoot her husband as she recorded parts of the fatal police shooting death on her cell phone. she yelled to officers that scott had a traumatic brain injury and then posed no threat. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. >> he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi he will in the do anything to you guys. >> reporter: police are heard shouting 11 times at scott to drop a weapon. >> keith, keith don't do you that. it also does not show the actual shooting that captures scott lying on the ground after. attorneys for the scott family released the foot friday after
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three nights of protest. >> scott's family and these protesters have been dehanding police release their footage of the shooting which investigators have refused to make public. >> if i were to put it out indiscriminately and it does not give you good context it can inn flame the situation. >> reporter: scott's mother has this message for protesters. >> your kid have have a peaceful walk or anything else that y'all want to do but rioting is not helping the situation and it is making it worse. >> reporter: police agree and prepared for a fourth night of tense protests. kenneth craig for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up in our next half an hour we will go live for an update on the situation this morning. police officer charged in the shooting death of terence croucher is out on bail after turning herself in early friday morning. betty shelby's attorney said she drew her gun instead of
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the stun gun because she thought croucher was armed. croucher did not have a gun. shelby is charged with first degree manslaughter. suspect wanted in the murder of an eight year-old girl in camden is behind bars this tennessee. eighteen year-old tyhan brown of camden was arrested at a relative's home in clarksville, tennessee but he will be brought back to new jersey, the arrest comes one month after gabriel carter was shot in the head, and touring what police believe was a shoot-out when rival gangs. the arrest, brings some relief. >> i'm just so happy, i'm just so happy as a mother, parent, family friend and as a neighbor i'm just saying thank you, jesus, for real. >> and brown's mother and girlfriend were arrested this past week as well, they were arrested for hindering the investigation by providing false alibis, and they also expect to make more arrestness this case. this man is wanted in connection to the murder in yeadon delaware county. he is a person of interest in the death of three two-year old natasha gibson. gibson died early thursday
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morning after her throat was slashed, and investigators cleared gibson's former boyfriend after they interviewed him thursday night. victim of the hit and run in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood has died. domingo menendez was struck thursday at second and allegheny. he was rush to temple university hospital in critical condition. police say that the driver who struck menendez, kenneth battle junior was under the influence. still ahead an early look inside the new african-american history museum. >> reporter: a new national museum will soon open up its doors showcasing, black history from a unique perspective. i'm marley hall this washington with the review coming up. and kate wins let is back on the big screen, sewing up loose
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a political bomb shell, ted cruz is voting for donald trump after all. remember texas senator was booed off stage at republican national convention after snubbing trump and telling the crowd to vote their conscious. trump is honored to have cruz support. hillary clinton is postponing her visit to north carolina it sparked a fierce debate between clinton and trump over crime and race. and clinton and trump will meet with highly anticipated first debate on monday night at hofstra university in long island and starts at 9:00 here on rbs1. "eyewitness news" anchor jessica dean is heading to new
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york for that debate. look for her live reports on monday, starting at 5:00 p.m. right here on cbs-3. new national museum of african-american history and cultural is opening up to the public today. president obama will head line dedication ceremony scheduled for 10:00 a.m. marley hall recently visited museum and has a preview. >> reporter: it is a dream decade in the making a museum on the national mall that showcases african-american history. president obama will speak at the dedication. there is plenty of space for harriet tubman, doctor king, muhammad ali, but what makes the museum so powerful and visceral is that it is a story of all of us. >> reporter: just 1,000 artifacts will be on difficulties lay, some so large they had to build the museum around them like this segregation era railcar and guard tower from a notorious louisiana prison.
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the visitors are encouraged to start the with the exhibit on slavery in the u.s. which displays shackles, a slave cabin and harriet tub tubman's shaw. museum tour will take you chronologically through freedom, segregation and civil rights. stories are told with the help of the interactive lunch counter, a biplane flown by tuskegee air men in world war two can be seen overhead. the museum built its collection of more than 37,000 artifacts, from scratch, and most of them, were donated. >> for me it is becoming, you know, a part of history. >> reporter: curator michelle marisi worked to make this possible for a decade to help make it happen, it is pretty special and even humbling. >> reporter: museum's up are floors, celebrate african-american achievementness sports, and culture, and that is where you'll find chuck berry's cadillac convertible and muhammad ali's boxing robe. in washington, marley hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as we heard from marley
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there the museum opens up its doors today on the national mall and south jersey woman will be there for unveiling after she made a very special contributions to the museum. and in 977, janet galloway of collinswood got a call to be at her grandmother's dying bedside back in her hometown of make on, georgia. as she arrived her grandmother, gave her some clothes that belonged to her ancestors. >> she said that these are my mothers, mothers, grandmother, mothers, mothers, clothes that they had as slaves and i said wow. she said boobsy i want you to have them. >> reporter: a decade ago she put up pictures on line and it caught the attention of the smithsonian curator. they belong to the family member who was an early slave. well, the clothing will now sit in an exhibit at the national museum of african-american history and culture. >> incredible. all right, good saturday morning, everybody. i hope you are enjoying a nice start to the day if you like fall weather, you will love this forecast to day, tomorrow and over next several days,
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we're back to typical conditions for our season, for late september, and temperatures running about an average, over the next couple of days, maybe below average at times, and over the seven day and we will get to that in a bit but this morning we are seeing a transition day, it depend where you are, in the upper 60's to 07 a from philadelphia on southward. cold front has moth moved through but in the lehigh valley, some of that cool ever air filtering in. northampton county and bath, charles has 58 degrees, under part thely cloudy skies. we will have cloud around today, and it is still bits of sun but not full sunshine and then more sunshine on the way, certainly for tomorrow but you'll feel different as far as temperatures go. we will head down to northern delaware delores lee at the new washing she's mostly clear right now at 68 degrees. we will get a few more clouds later on this morning and closer here towards philadelphia, 55 degrees, currently at phil's house. we will go over to new jersey, see what is happening there, cherry hill, jenny janssen checks in at 66 degrees, dew point is 59. nice breeze.
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good opened window night. that is for sure. we're talking about 50's and 40's in the northwestern suburbs, tonight and certainly, again tomorrow night, check out this shot from phil chapline here the quarter moon here, nice beautiful shot there from early this morning, able to take a look at cloud free moment there, to get a good shot in. so thanks a lot. lets go to philadelphia, looking at city at least, you can see a little bit of cloud cover over us right now, from the palmyra cove nature park in new jersey, 63 degrees. temperature has dropped a little bit, east wind at 5 miles an hour, fluctuating right now, but we are putting an end to the hot stretch, yesterday was hot 89 degrees but we will get back to july, it is seventh warmest on record, august was warmest ever on record for philadelphia and that dates back to 1874 and it looks like this september is on track, to be the top ten warmest, so far, only one day with below average when you average out the temperatures but i think we will go below average for next few days. reason strong cold front pushing southward this weekend. high pressure built in from
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canada north wind drives cooler air in. typical fall weather stuff. you can see the cloud over us right now, set into new jersey and then off shore. a couple of sprinkles far north east and pennsylvania and new york city. this front is mainly dry. shore forecast for today, some clouds, with more sunshine later during the day but comfortable temperatures. good time of the year to still hit the beach. lower 07's, today and near 70 tomorrow with more sunshine, lower 07's on monday so really going to keep things dry until tuesday. tropics still active we have karl over bermuda right now, as a tropical storm and will be tracking off to the north and east. we're getting swells from karl right now. nothing too big but seas running 5 feet or so f you like to surf good conditions for next couple of days. way out in the atlanta we have lisa having a tough time developing, weakened back to the tropical depression. back home 70's today with some sunshine, breezy, noticeably cooler, tomorrow sunny and cool day. very nice day to be outside with highs about 70 to 72 degrees and then monday,
6:18 am
same deal, pleasant stretch continues and we will watch this cold front bringing in some rain in here on tuesday. the front will clear up, later this afternoon, still some cloud, especially south the from the city, this to this afternoon and then tonight, clearing out nicely, temperatures really dropping but with the clear skies and then tomorrow look at that receipt i much full sunshine, great football weather, if you are heading to the link tomorrow. look at these highs, low to mid 70's, big difference compared to yesterday, near 70, this afternoon along the shore points and then tonight, at least this evening, we're going to feel the difference already. 8:00 o'clock. heading out throw that jacket on we're talking about 50's outside the city. tomorrow a struggle to get to the lower 70's in philadelphia today right near average, 74, partly sunny skies, cool night tonight, 54 for the city, 40's in the suburbs. here that is eagles forecast for tomorrow, perfect football weather, sunshine, game time, at 4:25, temperatures, 7 degrees out of the north. low to mid 07's, next chance of rain will be tuesday. enjoy the nice stretch, rahel, back to you.
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>> thanks, justin. kate wins let and least am hems worth team up in the dress maker. it is opened in theater and, susan marquez has a preview. >> reporter: which kate wins let returns to her hometown in the australian out back you know it is no ordinary home coming. >> she's back. >> reporter: she's back, fulfilling holes in the childhood story as get even to the people who hurt her. >> at the point in which she comes back she's all ready to look for answers to seek revenge and to find out her mom again and, of course, she doesn't expect to find teddy as well. >> reporter: teddy is liam hemsworth. >> i reckon you came home for revenge. >> reporter: he helped her recover memory of the traumatic event that turned the town against her. >> they say that you killed a boy. >> reporter: accusation that is led to her exile. >> it is pretty close minded town, teddy is very drawn to tilly, and it allows her to sort of remember her past and
6:20 am
relive this moment that she sort of block out of her homery for so long report report winslet, outfit to bring a flash of glamour to the hud i brown of her town and skill of the her designs are her most effective weapon. >> very powerful. >> i can make you most striking girl in the room. >> reporter: fashion might in the erase pain but makes revenge a beautiful thing. susan marquez for cbs news,
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does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra."
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and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. back now way special celebration for a philadelphia
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legend. philadelphia basketball icon sonny hill turned 80 years old in july but a huge celebration was held at city avenue hilton. ukee washington tells us mr. hill is involved in so much and it is all about pro heating the good things about our city and our community. and it is end of an era at cbs charles osgood is set to host his final addition of sunday morning this weekend. after 22 years as anchor, the 83 years old says it is time. cbs will donate bow tie he wears on sunday to the smithsonian national museum of american history. he is second hose he has ever had since his start this 1979. reporter tony decopeo has more on osgood's time on cbs sunday morning. >> ♪ >> reporter: twenty-two years ago charles osgood took over television's most popular shows. >> aim retiring from cbs news
6:24 am
this program i'm happy to say i will be... >> he replaced one of the television's most popular figures charles kuralt. >> charles. >> nobody has ever been welcomed this genuinely as you are welcome here. >> thank you, charles a real honor to succeed you not replace you. >> reporter: but now it is hand with the bow tie and pension for piano, who seems irreplaceable. >> i have seen that face before. >> one ought to be the one to get to introduce these two story tellers. >> reporter: osgood buzz around his show. >> some of you may have heard rumors lately that i won't be hosting the sunday morning broadcast very much longer. well, i'm here to tell you that the rumors are true. >> on september 25th osgood will anchor his final show, he leaves behind the hose watched sunday morning news program, and even more advisingly a show that has been growing since the day he took over. >> you may want on get get
6:25 am
something shore substantial to put on your feet. >> reporter: last year sunday morning had itses audience this three decade. more than 6 million weekly viewers. >> now some works in progress. >> reporter: but it is still same suiting sunday wake up call and charles osgood is still comforting, some say priestly sunday restens. since joining cbs in 1971 he served as an anchor and reporter for every enthusiasms program on the network. he filled his show with award, including emmys, peabody and become a familiar face but radio was his first love. >> this being 2016, you don't need 2020 vision to see that the year 202 is the not far off. >> reporter: his rbs radio show the osgood file, continues, and so does osgood. >> between now and my last sun take morning, i have got to practice singing that song so long, it has been good to know you, so long it has been good to know you, so long it has been good to know you, so long
6:26 am
a long time since i have been home and i've got to be drifting alone. >> tony decopeo, cbs news, new york. suiting, isn't that such a good way to put it. see a special sunday morning celebrating charles osgood tomorrow morning right here on cb. . coming up in the next half an hour, we're live previewing the big event, clearing local streets this morning stay with us we will be right
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good morning, i'm rahel solomon. justin drabick is outside on the cbs-3 sky deck with eyewitness weather and justin it is you the time of the year when depending on the day, yesterday it felt like summer and today more like fall. >> never necessity what to wear either but we're now locked into that typical fall pattern for next week or so until we can get used to temperatures back for late september, we're talking about high in the low to mid 70's over next couple days. we have a cold front that passed through philadelphia right now, you can feel a difference. we were 4 degrees warmer, wind kicking up out of the north east, we are 20 minutes from sunrise, still cloud around but not a whole lot of sun but we will increase in the afternoon. look at northeast breeze ten to 15 miles an hour indicating that the cold front is passing through. we will continue these north wind throughout the today and tomorrow and that means nice cool canadian air mass starts
6:30 am
to settle in. fifty-six in mount pocono. now down to 66 in philadelphia. we're in the 70's earlier. sixty-nine in wilmington. sixty's in south jersey. quakertown doylestown low to hid 60's at this hour. sixty-three in willow grove. clouds over the region on storm scan three that is cold front passing through that is not a lot of moisture. maybe get a stray syringe will we are seeing those near new york city, and some showing up on radar bucks county, it has not reached the ground, but small rain chance, this morning. we have increasing sunshine. little breezy. temperatures in the 60's. this afternoon highs low to mid 70's. that is near average. seventy-four. we will do it today, tomorrow, more sunshine with below average highs and at night we are talking about 40's and 50's for a lot of locations. i will let you know how long it will last in the seven day forecast, rahel, back to you. we will see you then, thank you. happening today the first ever philly free streets, several center city streets will be closed to car traffic
6:31 am
but opened to everyone else. philly free streets area includes south street which will be closed between front street and schuylkill river trail, mlk drive closed to the falls bridge and all road in fairmount park near please touch museum will be closed. alexandria hoff is live on south sleet where you can walk, run, bike, but apparently can't park. >> reporter: you cannot park, that is it. this is reminiscent of the pope's vice witt these traffic diversions and then people kind of collectively realized we like having all this open area to walk through. >> it is maybe not so great for those who park on south street overnight. in order to accommodate this tow crews have been working since 3:00 a.m. removing vehicles along a route that includes primarily south street from front to schuylkill avenue. this is all part of the cities first philly free streets. an 8-mile route will be closed off to vehicular traffic from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. but don't be surprised if you see
6:32 am
road closures earlier then that for preparations. it might feel like the pope's visit but mayor jim kenney tells "eyewitness news" that open streets was a concept that he also experienced in new york city from when fifth avenue knew was shut down to make way for physical activity. with walks, runs, ride all ready for today philadelphia is embracing the same idea. >> as long as everybody knows this is kind of neat to be able to walk freely around the silt i. >> reporter: notice the plastic wrap around trash cans, we have asked about this earlier. this is a safety recaution that comes in the wake of the incident in new york city, last week, so extra security measures will be in place. these police restrictions on parking on south street will be in place until 4:00 p.m. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff, for now, back to you. >> thank you. developing right now, in washington state police are looking for a shooter who opened fire inside of a crowded shopping hall, killing at least four women. police say this is the shooter, armed with the rifle,
6:33 am
and authorities believe that he acted alone, shooting happened last night at cascade hall in burlington, and that is about an hour north of seattle. four people were shot inside of the macy's store and the mall was then quickly put on lock down. this morning however some family members still anxiously await to go hear from their loved ones and police have updated us saying one man is in the hospital with life threatening injuries, still unclear how many people are hurt. protests continued well past midnight, midnight curfew last tonight in charlotte north carolina protesters there dehanding police release video of the shooting death of keith lemont scott, his family shot it by african-american officer this week. cbs don champion is live in charlotte with the very latest, good morning, what can you tell us about protests overnight. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. certainly we saw hundreds of people taking to the street of charlotte last night for yet another night, and we still saw a lot of passion, but we did not see any of the violence that really kind of gripped this city in the wake
6:34 am
of the police shootings at the four three-year old keith scott, again, hundreds of people marched through the city overnight dehanding justice in the case of still a point of contention among the protesters, gathered on the streets is the fact that police have yet to publishly release a dash camera, and body camera video of the now controversial shooting. of course, yesterday the family of scott did release a very disturbing, emotional video, recorded by keith's wife, and it is really, and, and, midnight, and in this area, it is still under a state of emergency. we do know that police did use some discretion, and enforcing the curfew overnight, and we have learned that they did not start enforcing it until 2:30. we do know there were a number of arrests i'm not sure just yet, how many, but certainly
6:35 am
everyone here very thankful that we did not see a violent night in the queen city. >> reporter: i know you just mentioned scott's wife released video of what she could see from the shooting, what has been the reaction from the community for that individual ohio. >> reporter: yeah, the calls for the police department here to release their video has only grown louder, since the family release that had video yesterday. the video that the attorney released is only one piece of this very big puzzle and i think anyone who looks at that video and has been following this case leaves with so many questions still unanswered, and in the wake of that video, of course, police, dash camera video offer a different perspective of what exactly happened on tuesday, at least present officers opened fire on keith scott. a at last check we do know that this case, investigation, is in the hand of the state investigators and so the
6:36 am
police department, local police department here has said that they releasing those videos that they have is really out of their hand right now. >> so is that what they are saying, don at this point it is no lopping their call to release videos because, of course, community members since days since the shooting calling, begging actually for this video to be released hoping that paints a clear picture of exactly what happened. >> reporter: that is right, officials hearsay it is an issue of maintaining integrity of the investigation. we do know as of yet, state investigators were still in that neighborhood where the shooting happened speaking with witnesses there so the thought was investigators that they do not want to taint perspective, testimony of those folks, if you release these two police videos that could sort of change what they saw in their mind as they talked to these investigators. that is what we are hearing from investigators still they are trying to maintain integrity of the investigation but calls for them just to
6:37 am
release these videos now, it is still, they are still opening up here. >> of course, still a lot of questions to be answered, don, thanks very much. back here at home security is a prime concern for this weekend's irish festival in north wildwood. following recent terror events in new york city and seaside park, new jersey. i talked with north wildwood chief of police about the plans to keep people safe. >> we bring in outside help. it is a team effort. whole city comes together, fire department, police department if you we will get help from the the county prosecutor's office, sheriff department is a big help and we have built in security measures overtime being it is our 251st. >> irish festival is expect to draw a quarter million visitors. vittoria woodill has more on the festivity the already underway. >> reporter: all aboard irish are out and playing again. >> twenty-fifth anniversary. >> reporter: it is 25th annual irish fall festival in north wildwood and people are flocking in fashion, celebrating their celtic heritage. one of the largest in the united states, irish weekend
6:38 am
brings people together to share a pint, a meal, get a whole lot of green swag and make some memories. >> i think it is our eighth year and we love it. we just love it here. >> i can see. >> and in one irish tradition every year, irish weekend is police and fireman trum and piper ban. >> ban started in 196. we are coming up on our 20th year anniversary and it is a big deal for us. we're down here celebrating irish weekend here in north wildwood. >> ♪ >> reporter: today it is about making happy memories. >> since we do so many sad events we figure through the year why not do happy events and this is one of those happy events we like to come out and let our hair down. >> reporter: every other irish lad in north wildwood would agree today business happiness and having some irish fun. >> man, lou pretty. >> gorgeous. >> and still to come on "eyewitness news" what one doctor calls a game changer, as a medical roar but feel no
6:39 am
pain, remember nothing, and then just get up and walk out afterward with no side effects. health reporter stephanie stahl will tell you how it can happen coming up. why have so many people applied to work at a new national museum showcasing african-american history, i'm marley hall in washington with the answer coming up. and cool temperatures coming for weekend but for how long justin has eyewitness weather when we come right i'm really good at war. i love war in a certain way.
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ii'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers.age. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either.
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stadium showdown continues for temple university. >> chanting. >> there you can see community faith leaders and stadium stoppers row testing the university's row postal build an on campus football stadium. they say it will worsen quality of life with neighbors with issues like parking, traffic, litter and noise. the university says they are taking those concerns into account. >> they said that the stadium is going to be built, that is their position, and we are adamant in our position. >> i want to support them and if that means taking subway to south philadelphia to support them or walking a few blocks to the on campus stadium i will support them where ever they play. >> temple says money needed for 35,000 seat stadium will come from fund raising and other sources. temple pays three million-dollar a year to use lincoln financial field for home games. eagles continue to prepare for their tough test of the season so far, the steelers, a game you can see right here on cbs-3 this sunday. both teams coming in two and
6:43 am
zero and carson wentz will be facing his toughest challenge that he didn't see in week one and two. eagles have converted third down and fifth worst in the league. doug pederson says that will be key to winning on sunday. >> we have got to do better job in the third town area offensively. i think we are eight for 30, something like that, 26 percent, we have to be better on third downs. we just to have focus on our job and we understand the power, and, you know, weapons they have on offense but we cannot focus on that. again, we focus on what we to and, you know, get the our guys ready to play. >> don't forget we're your home for eagles foot the ball tomorrow. kick off at 4:25 right here on cbs-3 but before the game we will get you set with toyota sunday kick off at 11:30. your balanced eagle in new jersey is back in the wild where he belongs. we first told but lily the eagle last december when captured in the hunterdon
6:44 am
county yard after getting shot. suffering from nerve damage and lead poisoning, a group called raptor trust nursed him back to health and they have just released him to a wild life refuge. very thighs. on the cbs-3 healthwatch laughing gas isn't just for dental procedures anymore. health reporter stephanie stahl explains why. >> reporter: gary humel was dreading procedure he needed for enlarged prostate that involved needles and iv sedation and relieved when his urologist offered an alternative nitrous oxide. >> it is absolutely remarkable, you know, how they can get through these procedures without any pain. >> reporter: known as laughing gas, dentists often use nitrous oxide for mild sedation during procedures and now m.d.'s like doctor baum are using it for minor office procedures. including vasectomies. >> it reduces anxiety, it reduces pain and discomfort and provides light sedation. the beauty is, that once the
6:45 am
gas is turned off, 30 seconds later the patient sits up, stands up, and walks out of the office. >> reporter: gary says he remembers nothing about his procedure. >> when he turns it on i just didn't feel a thing after that. >> reporter: there baum says it is safe and in 150 patients he has had no side effects, patients can respond and still getting same amount of oxygen as normal breathing. >> this is a game changer. >> reporter: doctors say nitrous oxide is only used for more minor procedures. the depth of sedation can be increased or turned down, sometimes patient fall asleep and don't even remember what happened but they are not lasting effects as there can be some other kinds of sedation. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and there is a lot more coming up on cbs this morning saturday, anthony mason and vanita nair join us live from new york with the preview, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. coming up today's headlines plus it seems like no
6:46 am
information is safe on line but could hackers take down an entire city? we will take awe long on one reporter's digital doomsday scenario. science behind the binge, netflix figured out exact moment we become addicted to our favorite shows, we will show you how they did it. all that plus your eye opener, nor hand mcdonald ape hughes i can, from our saturday session just ahead on cbs this morning saturday. but i don't like you but i totally like to binge, you know orange is the new black, that kind of thing. >> i budget time because i know what business i have to do. >> yes. >> i just stay up all night? had we will see you soon. looking forward to it. mcdonald's is testing kid happy meals for breakfast in oak a the fast food chain will feast tour either two milk griddles or egg and cheese without bacon or butt north meal. if the product launches nationally it will be first now entree to the happy meal in more than 30 years.
6:47 am
justin joining us. does he like mcdonald's. >> i have not given him mcdonald's yet, he eats everything, you know, i'm sure he will love it. i cannot find food he doesn't like it is getting cool, maybe some happy meal with your breakfast. >> good stuff. certainly, hot drink weather coming up next few nights. talking about 40's and 50's at night. break out that heavier coat, sweaters, fall weather gear, you will need it for next several days. fall weather fans you'll love this stretch of forecast, it has been a while since we were talking about below average temperatures, that will happen for next few days. this morning we are getting that change right now cold front is moving through, we have clouds over us right the now, still thinning out later this afternoon but temperatures uniform now, earlier around 70, dropping a few degrees, low to mid 60's from our weather watchers. we will check it out, not much change. mount laurel, new jersey 65 degrees. mullica 66. mid 60's for philadelphia and cherry hill, chesterfield also coming in at 64 degrees, lawrenceville at 63.
6:48 am
little bit mild inner newark, delaware to the south, and front probably approaching delores's house right now coming in at 68 degrees. but the big change will be also the drop in humidity, dry air, it is settling in. and lets take to you south jersey live look from cape may courthouse you can see overcast skies, with that front approaching. heading to the shore today don't expect a whole lot of sun especially this morning but those clouds should break up into the afternoon and 67 degrees, right now, west northwesterly breeze, pretty light currently at two but we're getting higher gusts at times as that front passes by but wind should lighten up in the afternoon. now true waste to tell if a cold front is moving through is looking at dew point temperature and not the actual air temperatures. this is dry air earlier dew points in the mid 60's around philadelphia now you know the front came through because we're dropping in the upper 50's. so dry air mass continues to build southward, and still moist in, south jersey, delaware but front will clear, locations as well, we will bring that dryer air in. clouds over us right now work that front, not much rain, couple of sprinkles may be
6:49 am
possible, and that is it, but look what is left on storm scan three. nothing. we're halving in the dry pattern again, and we could use some rain. we do have a little bit in the forecast to talk about when that arrives. up in the poconos we're certainly feeling like fall today. partial sunshine. 66 degrees. even cooler tomorrow in the sunshine. only 62 degrees. lower 60's continuing into early next week. up in the mountain you mate be thinking about fall color. this is what we typically see our average peak for the fall color change, you go to early october, across extreme northern pennsylvania, and new england, and then around northwestern suburbs up toward lehigh valley, usually mid-october and philadelphia, you have to wait until late october to see that peak change and points to the south and east. we've got sometime to go yet but warm afternoon and cool nights, those are perfect ingredient for fall color change and we will get that in the next few days. here comes the front passing by, it has got clouds, more sunshine, later this afternoon, lot of sunshine tomorrow, great football weather, and temperatures in the lower 70's, nice little
6:50 am
breeze, we're still dry and comfortable on monday, and then here comes our next rain chance, it will be monday night, tuesday along that cold front. that is good news. we could use some rain. temperatures to take noticeably cooler. yesterday's high 89 degrees, today, struggle to get to 74. so we will break it down, up in the lehigh valley, lower 70's for berks county, lehigh county and northampton county and around philadelphia, surrounding suburbs the same deal. seventy-three in pottstown. seventy-four for the city. and then breeze will kick up this afternoon but i think temperatures will briefly touch lower 70's at the coast but generally in the afternoon upper 60's to near 70 at the new jersey shore. noticeably cool tore day. partly sunny skies with a high of 74 degrees, chilly tonight, so this is for the city, 54 with clear skies but along the suburbs we will drop down in the 40's. that sets up some nice conditions, for the eagles game tomorrow so if you are planning your day here tailgate conditions, 55 degrees, and i think rahel has big plans to go out there? no, you are working. she would be out at 6:00 a.m.
6:51 am
earlier you can get here. >> drinking my hot cocoa. >> there you go, you might need that. >> kick off at 7:00 at 4:25. majority of the game will be in the 60's, classic football conditions. we will keep it dry. just a files day. extended forecast low to hid 70's, next several days, tuesday that is day we will get some showers especially during the morning. we will clear out for the afternoon and we will keep that nice stretch going as we finish off september, heading in to october, rahel, back to you. >> justin, thank you. new jersey native bruce springsteen celebrates his 67th bait day with the late show with stephen colbert. springsteen made his first appearance last night, the boss has been busy promoting his candid autobiography born to run. the in the book he opens up about the struggle with depression and his fear wow follow in his father's footsteps with the the disease. springsteen told colbert that perform is therapeutic and has helped him through dark time. >> the night has its own life. i'm coming out. i know i'm going to play,
6:52 am
we're going to play two and a half hours, three hours. i know that will happen but i don't know what will happen after that it is something that is organic and it the defines its own time and space. once i get to the certain point i'm not thinking about the time. i'm here to take you out of time and transport you some lays else. >> that would explain yes just played his longest u.s. show ever right here in philadelphia, four hours, three minutes and 46 seconds. boss's new ought above gray i born to run hits store selves september 27th. smithsonian national museum of african-american history and culture business to open its doors. interest is so high tickets are taken until november. the as marley hall reports the people that work there are just as exited to show us what is inside. >> reporter: alice bonner has come a long way to welcome visitors when new national museum of after rick can hearn history of culture opens its doors.
6:53 am
>> it will be overwhelming. it will be validating. >> reporter: now 67, bonner attended segregated schools in virginia as a child. >> you just feel invisible. you feel that your history doesn't matter. >> reporter: for her and many others, this museum is a turning point. >> as a kid growing up here in d.c. we will see museums, if i only had one that would tell your story, from your perspective, it was exciting. >> reporter: museum was inundated with people who wanted to work here. there are now 200 employees and 300 volunteers. so many people applied it stopped accepting applications. joslin imani is a curator assistant helping restore 3,000 artifacts from slavery to the present day. >> all of the people that sacrificed and that has worked and that conspired to get us here but this building, these other peoples store that is we tell, it is, it will level you
6:54 am
if you think bit. >> reporter: museum officials hope visitors will be just as touched when thousands of untold stories are finally showcased. marley hall for cbs-3
6:55 am
katiejoey, ricky, eileen,hnny, me, and colleen...immy, all 10 of us raised on a policeman's salary and a mom working as a restaurant hostess. imagine trying to do that today, with washington looking out for the favored few. i'll bring a different point of view to the u.s. senate - working class roots and the mother of three, i'll put middle class families ahead of wall street. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message because it's your turn to get ahead.
6:56 am
justin, you know, they have started us on the pumpkin spices, a lot of people excited about that, with the lattes. >> perfect timing. we are locked in the typical fall pattern. a lot of people have been waiting for it. bit warm the past couple days but finally le to mid 70es a. nice stretch over next seven days as we finish off september. great football weather tomorrow. if you are going to the eagles game. just watch it here cbs 14:25. tuesday we will get some rain. late machine night, into
6:57 am
tuesday morning and then that is about it we could use rain. keep it the dry heading in to october. enjoy this nice weather. >> justin, my birthday is october 4th. >> okay. >> you have sometime. >> yep. >> all right. >> well that is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now we may be signing off on tv but always on line cbs philly to the come. cbs this morning saturday is next. have a great weekend.
6:58 am
does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign. pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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s . good morning. it's september 24, 2016, welcome to cbs "this morning: saturday." breaking news -- a washington state shopping mall. the gunman still on the run. plus, protests as new video emerges in that deadly police shooting in charlotte, north carolina. it's being called the big hack. inside a doomsday scenario for the complete takeover of a major city's infrastructure. and a journey fulfilled. we'll take you to today's opening of the national museum of african-american history and culture. >>t


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